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Zhejiang Johar Technology Co., Ltd., taking the design of passive wireless sensor chip series as its core technology, provides Internet of Things-based high-end intelligent chips and modules and intelligent application solutions of Internet of Things. Johar Technology is committed into connecting billions of objects in the world into network and providing users with their ID and dynamic sensor data in a real-time manner to realize more intelligent perception and control and promote the more extensive and high-efficiency coordinated development of human society and physical world.

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Core chip part

The passive wireless sensor core chips of Johar Technology, through more environmentally friendly absorption of environmental energy, provide an attached single object with a unique identity information, position information and real-time sensor data.

Module part

The terminal modules of Johar Technology combine core chips with antennas with special design or peripheral circuits to ensure that users can have access to the required information of objects in a more simple and convenient manner in various application scenarios.

Connection part

The connecting equipment of Johar Technology including fixed and handheld read-write equipment connects with terminal modules in all methods including reading, obtains the information of objects and transmits it to a system or cloud in various communication methods.



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